Na Na Na Na... Na Na Na Na... Hey Hey Hey... Goodbye...

It’s about goddamn time.

Is Tenet being made into a scapegoat for 9/11 intelligence failures and the Iraq debacle? Yeah, probably — or at least that’s what the Bush regime is sincerely hoping for. Is he really “resigning” for “personal reasons”? Only inasmuch as his “personal reason” is that Duh-bya finally realized that it was time to accept Tenet’s longstanding resignation request. Is Tenet the one most at fault in all of this? Hell, no.

But come on! In what other field could somebody — or the group for which one is responsible — screw up so completely and not lose his job?

See ya later, Georgie. But rest assured — just ’cause you’re out of the picture doesn’t mean we’re letting everyone else off the hook. At the very least, come November, you’ll have one hell of a lot of company. At best, we’ll be seeing a slew of criminal prosecutions to boot.

But in the meantime, I ain’t shedding a whole lot of tears for ya.


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