Okay, One Quick Gripe...

I’ve waited long enough for most folks to have watched it, but if you haven’t seen this past weekend’s The Sopranos yet, go away now.

All right, is anyone else pissed at NBC for running that promo for Joey during their re-run of the Friends finale (I don’t know if they also ran it when it first aired, as I wasn’t watching)? Hello! You’re showing us that the new show stars Drea de Matteo. Which means she — in all likelihood — can’t also be starring on The Sopranos next season.

So I knew going into this episode that Adriana was gonna get whacked.

Yeah, I know, if I’d been following the trades, I’d have known that she was starring in Joey. But frankly, I haven’t cared enough to keep up on the new series. And I also know that NBC’s got no stake in keeping the ending of an episode of Sopranos under wraps. But it still sucks to have the ending — an ending they’ve been building up to for years — blown before it happens.


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