The Bush Re-Election Campaign Plan

Hmm... looking at this graphic, it seems clear that the only time Duh-bya’s approval ratings actually rise is when he starts a war. Of course, note how much higher that spike is for Afghanistan — a justified war — than it is for Iraq — an unjustified one. Still, justified or unjustified, he manages to eke out a little bump each time.

Well, seeing as the economic news isn’t nearly as good as the regime would have us believe — and more importantly, the American people don’t seem to be buying the lies this time around — it’s looking more and more like little George might be thinking of going back to the well. But where to invade, where to invade... hmm, a while ago, you’d have figured Iran and Syria were locks, but now people don’t seem too happy about that whole “Middle East” thing... probably shouldn’t go so far away this time...

Got it! How about Cuba!

I don’t know that we need to take the possibility all that seriously (well, especially since the main source of the theory is Fidel Castro, who gives Dick Cheney a run for his money in the credibility department), but I can’t help but wonder...


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