A particularly well-written column by Colbert I. King in today’s Post on why merely voting little George out of office come November is by no means truly holding him (or his co-conspirators) “accountable” for the deception that led to the utter fiasco that is the Iraq war. Being held responsible for one’s actions is a staple of our justice system — and at least in theory, not even the chief executive is supposed to be above the law. Nobody balks at holding Naomi Lewis responsible for having weapons on school property — as connected with an incident in which (thankfully) nobody was injured — and yet this regime is nearing the 1,000 mark in U.S. soldier deaths (to say nothing of the thousands maimed, or the more than 11,000 Iraqi casualties) with virtually nobody of consequence clamoring for criminal indictments.

I understand that we need to fight one battle at a time, and right now, the most important battle is removing Duh-bya from office. But once that’s accomplished, I know at least one person who will be more than ready for the next fight.


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