Sorry, folks, no big weekly wrap-up entry today. I’ve just realized that one of my major DVD projects has crapped out on me: DVD Studio Pro won’t even open the file. It worked fine the last time I worked on it, about a month ago.

And, of course, since my backup copy was based on that same file, it won’t open either. And because it’s been a month since I opened the file, I no longer have any interim iterations I can go back to.

I’ve got a copy of the “finished” disc, so I can make additional copies, and I certainly have all of the component elements that went into making the disc — meaning that in theory I could reconstruct it — but the amount of organization, scripting, coding and other work done directly in DVD Studio Pro far surpassed anything I’d done before. This was, by far, the most complex disc I’d ever mastered (which makes me suspect that its very complexity was what led to its corruption).

In any case, I have one hell of a lot of work in front of me...


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