Going for the Big One

Looks like Michael Moore has opted not to submit Fahrenheit 9/11 for Oscar consideration in the Best Documentary category. No, he’s not caving to the right-wing spin that it’s not a real documentary (under the grand old G.O.P. strategy that if you repeat a lie enough people start to believe it). As for the film’s factual basis, you can check out the facts behind it yourself. It’s a documentary, all right, hands-down.

No, Moore’s got something else in mind. He’s shooting for the granddaddy of ’em all: Best Picture.

The reasons behind it are myriad. First of all, in order to be eligible for Best Documentary, a picture cannot have been shown on television — a condition not placed on Best Picture nominees — and Moore’s doing everything he can to get the picture on television before the election.

Second, Moore’s withdrawal opens the field for the other documentary nominees. After all, if Moore had submitted Fahrenheit 9/11, was there even the slightest doubt that it would win?

And third, a Best Picture nomination will generate a lot more buzz — meaning even ignoring the television possibility, more people will go see it.

And who knows? It might even win. In terms of actual historical importance, it certainly deserves to.


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