More About My Favorite (Fake) News Program

When Bill O’Reilly characterized the audience for The Daily Show as a bunch of “stoned slackers,” Jon Stewart took it in stride. After all, it was a joke — or at least mostly so.

But still, Comedy Central decided to do a little research. And — surprise, surprise — guess whose audience turned out to be less informed politically and lower on the educational scale?

Yep, O’Reilly’s.

I’m not saying education is everything — but we’re not talking about an individual here, we’re talking about the aggregate. And we’re left with one inescapable conclusion: On the whole, those who watch Bill O’Reilly are stupider than those who listen to Jon Stewart.

(Thanks to Penda for the link.)

Update: Not only are Daily Show viewers smarter than O’Reilly viewers, but they’re smarter than Tonight Show and Late Show viewers as well. And all three of them are smarter than those who don’t watch late-night television at all.


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