NASA Tries Its Hand at Extreme Sports

I imagine a recent exchange of ideas at NASA, between a recent college graduate and an experienced engineer...

“Dude, I totally know how we’ll get that Genesis space capsule. We’ll, like, jump out of a helicopter like that chick from Charlie’s Angels and catch it in mid-air. It’ll totally rock!”

“Um... are you sure that’s the wisest idea?”

Totally. Like, we’ll get Vin Diesel to jump out and snag it. I bet he’d do it, ’cause he’s probably looking for ideas for a sequel to XXX. And it’s not like he’s even fighting ninjas while he’s doing it. It’ll be a piece of cake for him.”

“Hmmm... I don’t know... we might not be able to get him. I hear he’s pretty expensive...”

“Okay, we can do it the lame way. But dude, we’ve at least got to have the helicopter. And, like, none of those lame-ass helicopters; I want a stunt ’copter. Genesis comes screaming down from, like, space, okay? Then we reach this big ol’ honkin’ hook out the back and snag it.”

“Oooookay... I suppose we could try that...”


“Dude. It totally would have worked if we’d gotten Vin Diesel.”


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