Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

Caught the video of this on The Daily Show last night, and just got the Tribune link from In Apprehension...

Alan Keyes is certifiably insane. Even Duh-bya’s been smart enough to avoid overtly saying that Jesus Christ has endorsed him for President — preferring instead to let his demonstrably lunatic fundamentalist supporters do that for him (for more on that, keep reading). And Duh-bya is an absolute moron — so what does that say about you?

Not that you had a prayer in this race to begin with, Alan, but you pretty much gave up any credibility you may have had up to this point (though granted, that was never much). Congratulations on entering the ranks of the completely irrelevant.

Speaking of insanity, I’m not putting too much stock in Pat Robertson’s claims that Bush said, “we’re not going to have any casualties” in Iraq. As much as I’m inclined to believe Bush would say something like that, when your source makes the aforementioned Mr. Keyes look like a paragon of rationality, I think I’ll wait for corroborating evidence (and no, “Minister of Truth” Karl Rove doesn’t count).


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