Duh-bya Has His Ass Handed to Him... Again

Of course, despite a positively dismal performance in last Friday’s debate (though, admittedly, not as egregiously terrible as the first time around), little George still manages to convince people to support him.

How stupid can these people be?

George W. Bush is nothing but a lying, moronic, zealot who couldn’t process a rational thought to save his life. And to this point, I’ve tried not to denigrate those in the voting public who have found themselves suckered by... well, something, I suppose. But time’s up. No more excuses. Nothing wrong with identifying yourself as a “conservative,” or even a “Republican” (well, maybe not nothing wrong with that last one), but even so, a vote for Bush will demonstrate once and for all that you’re as mind-numbingly stupid as he is.

(Okay, so in retrospect, that last assessment may be a little harsh. Chalk it up to stupefied frustration on my part.)


At 5:51 PM, Hillary said...

You HAVE to come help me then. Because I overheard my neighbors, and I think they are going to put a BUSH sign in their front yard - square is more accurate - 5 feet from my front door!

There are highly intelligent people, normally. I have discussed it with them over and over, and they still have a come back for everything.

My last resort would be to put up my own sign. "They are Dumbasses." "Bush is an Ass Hat." "If Bush Wins, I'm Moving to Canada."
Or I could just put up a Kerry sign, I guess. How unoriginal.

At 10:01 AM, Bill Coughlan said...

Yeah, I always prefer to show at least some wit in displaying my messages. That's why I don't have a Kerry/Edwards sticker on my car, but a Bush/Orwell one.

You can see a collection of yard signs at demstore.com -- or create a custom one (though not cheaply, unless you're ordering in large quantities) -- or see if you can laminate a Micah Wright poster (www.cafepress.com/warposter/) or something from Minitrue (www.cafepress.com/minitrue/).


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