The Bush Administration: Always Finding New Lows

Just in case there were any doubt that the Bush adminsitration is made up entirely of pond scum, now they’re trying to stick the District with the bill for their little parade of fealty to the regime. Something no prior administration has done, and on an inauguration costlier than any in history to boot (a scumworthy decision in and of itself).

Alas, Mayor Anthony Williams isn’t aggressive enough to deal with the situation the way it should be handled, by coming right out and saying, “No payment, no special security. End of discussion.” Sometimes, I actually miss Marion Barry.

I can’t believe I just said that.


At 9:11 AM, Anonymous said...

Seriously, can we get you a TypePad or MT install? Please? For the love of God, commenting here is such a pain in the ass.


At least the Inaugural Party thingies aren't being paid for by Federal funds, as has been done in the past, they're being paid for out of private donations. As for the stick the district with the bill, meh, I'm really not surprised.

Tom Bridge

At 2:01 PM, Bill Coughlan said...

Hey, I'm not wedded to Blogger -- I just don't have the time necessary to make a switch (I know, that's hard to believe given the length of my entries -- if I've got time for those...). I was using enetation to handle comments, but I got overloaded with spam (same thing that's happened to more than a few MT users as well).

The fact that the parties are being paid for with private funds is a good thing -- credit where credit's due. Of course, it's in pretty poor taste to throw such a huge bash right now, but "taste" and "the Bush administration" don't belong on the same planet, let alone in the same sentence.

Of course, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they're sticking D.C. with the bill either. It's *exactly* the thing I should have come to expect from this crowd.

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous said...

Then again, cancelling the parties deprives the local economy of millions of dollars. Which would be BAD, in case I have to explain that part of things ;)


At 7:00 PM, Bill Coughlan said...

Fair enough -- but there's a world of difference between "canceling" and "going over the top."

At 5:18 PM, Lisa said...

Speaking of sticking it to the District: I subbed for a 7th grade civics class working on an assignment to create a campaign brochure for a made-up US Senator or Representative. The kids had to show what they learned by including info on how their candidate was qualified (citizenship, age, etc.), a party, the state, platform, etc. I had to break it to one girl writing something along the lines of "I will represent Washington DC well because I have lived here all my life" that DC doesn't get a Senator. "I know, it's ridiculous," I said, "but it's true."

Re Comments: since I use Blogger it's easy as pie.


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