Second Day and She’s Already Learned to Hate the First Amendment

Looks like the new Secretary of Education already has her wingnut panties in a bunch. God forbid PBS dare to even hint that homosexual couples — in a perfectly legal domestic living arrangement — even exist.

On only her second day on the job, Margaret Spellings fired off a letter to PBS forbidding them from airing an episode of Postcards from Buster (a spin-off of the popular children’s show Arthur) because it depicted two families in Vermont with — gasp! — two mommies.

Kudos to WGBH for telling Spellings to take a hike, and promising not only to air the episode anyway, but to offer it to any other stations willing to defy this state censorship (no word about local PBS affiliate WETA).

To be fair, PBS claims that it had decided not to air the episode anyway, not at all connected to Spellings’s crackdown.

Yeah, pull this one and it plays “Jingle Bells.”


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