First Amendment R.I.P.

ConstitutionYeah, I’m a little late to the game on this one, but this past week, the regime of Tsar George II officially killed the First Amendment to the Constitution. Not so much because of the March 21 ouster of three people from a supposed “public event” because they happened to have an antiwar bumper sticker on their car, but because of the White House’s dogged insistence that there was nothing wrong with it.

Don’t agree with everything the Tsar believes? Then we’ll shut you up.

Sound suspiciously like he’s trying to start a war between those who support him with religious fervor and everyone else. After all, God’s on his side, right?


At 5:41 PM, Ole Blue The Heretic said...

The Bush administration really scares me, however, even former senators from the Republican side are beginning to see the Bush administration for what it is.


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