Happy St. Patrick’s Day

A holiday dedicated to dying rivers green (beyond my ability to accomplish), chasing leprechauns (I had a bowl of Lucky Charms this morning), drinking pints of Guinness (on the agenda for this evening), and...

What? You mean there’s more to the celebration? It’s actually a Christian holiday?

Well, as a non-Christian myself I can’t offer any personal insights, but let’s see what I can find for you. There ought to be something out there to make sure that religion is foremost in people’s mind. How about... calling for a ban on The Da Vinci Code?

Um, guys, you’re about two years too late. Hell, the publishers couldn’t have asked for a better promotional tool. “Hmm, it’s been about two years now, book sales are starting to slip, the movie’s not coming out for a while yet... how can we generate a bump in sales? Hey, what if we got someone to come out condemning the book? Wow, that’d be a fantastic promotional tool! Now if only we can get someone narrowly short-sighted enough to do it...”


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