Plugging Along

Finished cutting, filing, and smoothing the camera mounting slots for the stabilizers last night, as well as attaching the mounting brackets (basically, a couple of conduit hangers to grip the aluminum tubing used as a horizontal support).

And I just found out that my dad — apparently looking for things to do in his retirement — went ahead and drilled the holes for the channel-aluminum bases; I’d left them at his house with the intention of using his drill press, but hadn’t gotten back over there yet.

So tonight I have to mount the channel aluminum to the basic stabilizer units and cut the mousepad-based padding for the cameras (the JB Weld on those mounting brackets still has some drying to do). Then over the next few days I attach the padding, add the complete camera bases, pop on the counterweights, and we’ll be ready to balance them.

Still a lot to do, but it doesn’t seem too bad.

Of course, that’s what I said before I started cutting those slots...


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