Must... Sleep... Now...

Well, it’s in. The latest Tohubohu offering — excuse me, offerings — have been turned in.

We made it. Both teams.

Tohubohu “Kaplan” drew comedy, and their resulting piece was (assuming they didn’t change it since last I spoke with them) entitled “Quite Contrary.” I’m anxious to see it, but since they’ve all gone off to recover, I suppose I’ll have to wait.

Team “Thornhill” drew fantasy, and we did a little movie called “The Big Lie That Solves Everything,” (which takes its name from a song by Scott Andrew and the Walkingbirds) starring Tohubohu regular Stuart Scotten and newcomer Tim Randall. It’s about a genie who’s grown tired of the lack of truly epic wishes in the modern world, and has opted to drop out and work in a hardware store (you know those people — the only ones on Earth who know exactly what obscure little part you need — are just a little bit magical). That is, until a corporate headhunter from a “rival employer” decides to try and recruit him back into the business...

Kaplan’s movie will screen at the AFI Silver Theatre this coming Wednesday at 7:15 p.m.; Thornhill’s will screen this Thursday at 9:30. You can get tickets online — and I would recommend doing so immediately if you plan on attending. Tickets sell out quickly (although the relatively short turnaround between completion and screening this year may mean a lower turnout).

But for now, it’s sleepy time...

(Correction: I originally said that Kaplan’s film would screen on Tuesday, when in fact they’ll be on Wednesday night; I’ve corrected it herein. Thornhill’s screening date was correct. Kaplan’re part of Group C, while Thornhill is part of Group F. I apologize, and hope this didn’t cause anyone to get tickets for the wrong night — chalk it up to lack of sleep.)


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