Fox News Presents... PBS

Perpetuating the outright myth of “liberal bias,” and not satisfied with taking over commercial broadcasting, the far right has apparently decided to impose its extremist views on public television as well.

The attack is coming on two fronts. One, appointing a former co-chair of the Republican National Committee as the head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Patricia de Stacy Harrison — who has no experience whatsoever in public broadcasting, by the way — is apparently the first choice of the CPB’s overtly right-wing chairman, Kenneth Y. Tomlinson. Apparently, the G.O.P. is having trouble “catapulting the propaganda” in corporate-dominated outlets, so dammit, it’s gonna cut off the one voice of independent reason still left out there. Censor all that blasphemous children’s programming that doesn’t proclaim the inherent superiority of God, guns, and supply-side economics: “Get ’em while they’re young!” (To adopt the philosophy of the tobacco companies.)

But still, that might not be enough. So what say we just cut funding for the CPB altogether? That’ll do it — no more of those programs that dare to depict anything deviating from our rich, white, evangelical Christian philosophy. Besides, everybody knows that real Americans either send their kids to private school or home-school them, so who really needs public television anyway? Just a bunch of poor people, that’s who — and they don’t make those big fat campaign contributions.


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