Hotel Humor

I’m in Chicago at the moment, preparing for a video shoot later this morning. I had an absolutely phenomenal dinner laast night with friends Kori and Mike, but alas, was unable to catch up with Tohubohu producer (and Inkblots publisher) Geoff, as he was caught out of town.

I’m staying at Le Méridien hotel (which, apparently, is where all of Oprah’s guests stay), and I was struck by the card attached to the plush bathrobe hanging on the bathroom door. I will cite it verbatim:

“This bathrobe has enjoyed considerable success among our guests, to the extent that some particularly enthusiastic customers have become ‘collectors of Le Méridien bathrobes’.

“While we recognize that this initiative helps spread the reputation of our establishment, we nevertheless urge our most fervent supporters to make an effort to separate themselves from this admittedly endearing garment when they leave.

“Please contact our Housekeeping Department to purchase a bathrobe.”

Okay, so if I were going to steal the bathrobe, I probably would anyway, but I’d have chuckled about it.


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