That’s a Lie! Well, Okay, Maybe Not

So the White House goes ape shit over Newsweek’s report that the Koran was defiled at Gitmo, launching, as E.J. Dionne puts it, a “furious assault” against Newsweek. And, by extension, the very notion of a free press.

“How dare they even suggest that we would ever do such a thing? And, no, a retraction of the story’s not enough — dammit, you have to come out and say the story’s totally without merit, and you just made up the whole thing! In fact, you should start writing what we say you should write from now on. You know, make us look good.”


Looks like the accusations were at least substantively true, if not the specifics. Hmm... more anti-U.S. demonstrations today... Shocker!

You start a self-described “crusade,” and refuse to denounce people like William Boykin who come out and say that it’s a war against Islam. You explicitly authorize the torture of prisoners — hell, you appoint the author of your torture policy Attorney General — and when you need more forceful torture methods, you conveniently “render” your charges to less squeamish nations. You establish policies specifically designed to offend Muslim sensibilities, such as the use of dogs. And you honestly expect that Muslim nations are going to rally behind us, taking up the cause of all-powerful democracy?

What the hell are you smoking, George?


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