Hello, Kettle? Pot Calling...

Let me see if I’m understanding this correctly.

The White House is all upset about the Newsweek story? According to spokespuppet Scot McClellan, “People lost their lives. The image of the United States abroad has been damaged. It will take work to undo what can be undone.”

Okay, so let’s see. The allegations Newsweek brought up — allegations they did not make up out of whole cloth, but were based on what appears to be faulty information — led to the deaths of (at last count) 16 people and damaged the “image” of the United States.

Yet this same White House did the exact same thing, only leading to the deaths of thousands of people, and has yet to offer anything remotely approaching an apology, retraction, or the slightest indication of wrongdoing.

I said before that the Pentagon’s denial of these allegations didn’t matter in the slightest; military denials are just standard operating procedure — always have been, probably always will be. The White House’s denials, on the other hand, actually lend one hell of a lot of credence to the stories. After all, they couldn’t tell the truth to save their lives.


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