These Guys Need a Little Spin Practice

First of all, I think it prudent to note that somebody hates little George one hell of a lot more than I do. (For the record. You Carnivore folks listening out there?)

What I find more interesting in the article is the spin that Georgian officials are already taking, saying that “there was no danger whatsoever for the presidents” (i.e., Duh-bya and Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili), and that “it was not possible to detonate it there.”

Um, excuse me? Someone managed to get a grenade — even if an inactive one — within 100 feet of the president and you’re trying to convince us that nobody could have really detonated a grenade there? Well, unless your security is actively working to catch offensive grenades while deliberately letting engineering grenades through freely, then I’m sorry, but you’ll never be able to convince me — or anyone — that your cover story is anything but utter horseshit. Not even worthy to scrape the boots of old Soviet-era propaganda. You oughtta be ashamed. Give ol’ Karl Rove a call — he’ll set you straight.

In eerily related news, they just evacuated the Capitol building and White House. They’ve since sounded the all-clear, but I’m curious to see what develops. It looks like it was just another unidentified airplane straying into restricted airspace, but the bit about immediately ordering reporters off the White House grounds has me wondering if there’s more to it.


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