Fortunately, Unfortunately...

Fortunately, I just learned that Patton Oswalt will be returning to his home state of Virginia for a show at the State Theatre on July 1st. I’ll have to clear my calendar.

Unfortunately, it looks like neither The Big Lie That Solves Everything nor Quite Contrary won their respective “audience award” honors. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am disappointed, particularly in the case of the latter. Big Lie lost out to DC WIT’s entry, which is completely understandable, but Quite Contrary lost out to team “Digital Tronics,” which is affiliated with local video production powerhouse Henninger Video. Don’t get me wrong — their submission was really good (and technically impeccable), but I didn’t think it had quite the response of Quite Contrary. Still, I’m clearly biased (and their was actually in competition, a psychological if not a technical advantage).

Okay, all griping aside, congrats to all the audience award winners, and I look forward to hearing the lineup for next Thursday’s “best of” show.


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