Spam Settlement

Anybody else think that a seven million dollar settlement is letting the ignominious Scott “Spam King” Richter off way too lightly? Granted, in comparison with the $50,000 slap on the wrist he got from New York, it’s certainly an improvement, but still...

I was kind of hoping for pitchforks and torches...

(And for anyone who wants a little more background, check out his now-infamous Daily Show appearance.)


At 7:06 PM, Tiffany said...

You know, as we were talking about how our IT department's spam filtering practices were causing us to miss emails from OUR BIGGEST CLIENT, we were pondering a similar question. I mean, we understand that our IT guys need to do what they can to filter spam, or we'd be buried, but it's a hassle because we miss a lot of legit email that way.

So, we decided what would really stop spam.

Summary execution of spammers.

Oh sure, they can have a trial first, but upon conviction... Firing Squad. ;)

(by the way, there's no way to sign up for a Blogger account to post comments without signing up for a Blogger BLOG. BOOOOO Blogger comments!)

At 11:05 PM, Bill Coughlan said...

Sorry about the Blogger issue. It’s a real pain, I know — and not just because of the account issue. I’ve had some... issues that forced me first to change from a better commenting system to Blogger’s built-in commenting (can anyone say “spammers”?).

And then I turned off “anonymous” commenting for a while. I may turn it back on, though, as it’s probably more of an overreaction on my part than a genuine problem.

And yeah, my office (and my personal email) have various “spam preventative” measures that routinely stop me from getting legitimate email. And I get so much spam that I can’t go through it all manually. At least not if I actually want to get any work done.


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