Oh, Yeah... I Made a Movie

In the hectic pace of the past couple of weeks, I completely neglected to mention that yes, Tohubohu Productions did in fact complete and submit a film in this year’s National Film Challenge, written by Julia Montgomery, directed by Nello DeBlasio and produced by yours truly.

Our randomly selected film genre? Superhero.

Yeah, try doing that on a nonexistent budget. Oh, sure, it can be done (and I have seen at least one successful effort), but it’s way too easy to fall into the crappy satire category — which may sound good on paper, but almost always comes off as little more than a glorified home movie, in which watching produces more embarrassment than amusement.

But what if...? Yeah, that might actually work... But we’d need... Okay... So let’s try...

Give the resulting film — “Homemade Hero” — a look over at the Tohubohu site and see how our take on the superhero film came out.


At 3:24 PM, CosmicMojo said...

I can tell you're under 40 'cause your text size is so small. ack!

At 4:04 PM, Bill Coughlan said...

Though true (for a while, anyway), it’s more that I ramble on so incessantly that the page would extend somewhere into the next state.

So just as, in school, we all learned to extend our page count by extending spacing, I’ve learned to cheat my page length down by cheating both spacing and font size.

(I have the same problem with my screenplays, though there I can only play with spacing a little bit before the cat’s out of the bag — and playing with font size is strictly verboten.)

At 4:41 AM, Dan said...

Just downloaded your movie, Bill. Good writing, acting, and directing (which I imagine means "good producing," too). It's not easy to put together a short like that in three days. You did a really nice job. Congratulations.


Makin' movies is FUN!


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