Another Puzzle?

I’m not getting my hopes up (in no small part because I wouldn’t have time to pursue it if it were true), but it’s entirely possible that Sony Pictures may be pulling another “Beast.”

Note the end of the new trailer for The Da Vinci Code, and see (after the word “SEEK” flashes) the highlighted letters: “T H S E C D E O” A lot more heavy-handed than the now-classic viral marketing campaign for A.I., but it certainly has... possibilities. (There’s an intriguing website listed as well, SoDarkTheConOfMan.com, but it just forwards to the official site; there may be something there, but all I found was a simple Flash presentation.)

Starting with the obvious... the letters are an anagram for “the codes.” It’s also been pointed out that a website, SeekTheCodes.com, is heavily “Da Vinci Code”-themed, though it’s ostensibly just the weblog of a puzzler. (Update: The site is registered to Sony Pictures.)

We’ll have to see where this goes (if anywhere). Any lingering cloudmakers out there looking for something to do over the holidays?

Update: More clues are surfacing, but not quite enough to make me think this’ll develop into a full-fledged game. A shame — if ever there were a movie for which this kind of advertising were appropriate, this would be it.


At 10:21 PM, Tom Bridge said...

Check out Unfiction, they're good for this stuff.

At 11:10 PM, Bill Coughlan said...

Yeah, the discussions have started...

At 12:27 AM, Geoffrey Long said...

"T H S E C D E O" =
"T H E S C D E O" =
"T H E C S D E O" =
"T H E C O D E S" =

At 11:09 AM, Bill Coughlan said...

There may be more to it, but at present, it just looks like the flashing “SEEK” on the preceding image is part of the solution. So the total combination is “SEEK THE CODES.” As in SeekTheCodes.com, or “Cryptophyle,” as it’s called (curious spelling, btw).

Some pretty basic riddles and puzzles there so far, which may turn into something — perhaps if combined with the clues on the official site (which are explained in the above-linked ComingSoon.net discussion).

There’s probably another discussion out there somewhere where someone’s keeping on top of this. If you find it, keep me posted (since it’s unlikely I’ll be able to take the Cryptophyle suggestion of heading over to the Louvre with a laptop).

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous said...

Hey...stumbled across your mini-discussion, and here's my theory:

No, you can't wander off to the Louvre with your laptop. However, the official Da Vinci Code site (book) had a Beast-style game that was very very short but posted last year or earlier. Following that, there was the teaser trailer, and then the full one...and we all saw the letters, etc.

I think it may be safe to assume that, if they went to the trouble to set up ONE false website for the trailer, and there's already a mini-game on the web, AND they highlighted letters in the credits...we may be in for another one. I say get the word out as fast as possible...tribe.net, yahoo groups, etc. Link to the old Cloudmakers site. Start the game rolling now so that we're catching clues before the Beast rolls too far ahead of us. The A.I. one was international; why can't this one be as well? Someone out there is connected within six degrees to us as well as someone who CAN wander into the Louvre with their laptop. And then send their notes back.

Keep one thing in mind, though. They've known we've been drooling for another one. They also have a good idea of how we will react when we get our first glimpses and clues.

The odd "there-may-not-really-be-a-game" feeling may be exactly what they intended to cause before unleashing. :)

I'm hoping. And spreading the word. :)

Cloudmakers, unite once again....

lone gunman


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