Required Reading

No, I can’t say I’ve read the book in question, as it hasn’t been published yet, but as I loved author Mil Millington’s two prior novels, Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About and A Certain Chemistry (which I actually ordered from the U.K. several months before it was published in the U.S.), I’ll be first in line (virtually speaking, of course) to pick up a copy of his latest Brit-wit undertaking, Love And Other Near-Death Experiences.

Not only is Millington amazingly accessible (one of the same factors that made me into a Kevin Smith fan in the film arena), but he writes some of the sharpest and funniest books I’ve ever read. I personally think A Certain Chemistry was even better than the outstanding TMGAIHAA, though the latter — as a first novel — has gotten more publicity. Not to mention the fact that, where TMGAIHAA had what might be considered an... unconventional ending, ACC has what might be one of the most rewarding (and completely supported by the text) endings I’ve read in recent memory.

Unfortunately, Mil’s books don’t do enough business over on this side of the pond to warrant a U.S. signing tour, but should that happen, I’ll find myself in an actual line rather than just a virtual one.

As the U.S. publication date for LAONDE (February 14th) is only a month after the U.K. date (January 19th... er, make that 19 January in Brit-speak), I suspect I’ll hold off until I can get it easily here. But in the meantime, I’ll continue reading Mil’s regular Mailing List updates (for which I would also recommend signing up; don’t wait — do it now).


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