Whoops! Thought I Was Done...

What I thought was the last of my Christmas presents arrived yesterday — though it was actually delivered to the wrong company in our building, so I had to jump through some hoops to track it down. And since it was... shall we say, one of the important ones (guess for whom?), I spent much of yesterday in a bit of a panic. But all’s well that ends well, right?

Then at about 11:00 last night, Pam and I realized that we had misunderstood each other as to two more gifts on our list; she had gotten a couple of stocking-stuffer presents for the recipients in question, but not the real ones. Time to call on Amazon’s overnight shipping. ’Cause otherwise I’ll have to deal with the madhouse that is last-minute shopping at the mall.

Hell, it’s more than worth the price of shipping not to have to go through that nightmare.

(As of right now, it looks like one of the items has already shipped, so I’m just waiting on the second — which they say is in that nebulous “preparing for shipment” phase.)


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