Development Finally Arrested

Looks like showrunner Mitch Hurwitz is opting out of continuing with Arrested Development should it be picked up for a fourth season (most likely at Showtime). And since his involvement was pretty much a requirement of the deal (as it should be), this pretty much kills any chance of the series going on.

Gotta say I’m upset — I was a recent convert to the show, but damn if it wasn’ some of the best television on television. And with only three seasons in the can (and just an abbreviated third season at that), there aren’t enough shows for it to move into syndication. Sure, there’ll be DVDs, but in general, those don’t really have much chance of bringing in anyone other than the existing die-hards.

Part of me still thinks this might just be a negotiating ploy, but with all of the bad luck renewal talks have had so far, I’m not counting on it.

(Heard the news from Ain’t-It-Cool; yeah, for all my bitching, I’m still checking it out once in a while.)

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