So Why Aren’t They in Prison Again?

The latest criminal act from the Bush regime: Now they’re secretly tapping bank records. And — now that they’ve been caught again — they’re spouting the same old refrain. “Well, we’re only looking at the terrorists. Regular people have nothing to worry about. Trust us — we know what’s best for you.”

Sorry, but you’d have to be a grade-A moron to believe that for a heartbeat. You lied before about illegal phone surveillance. But oh, seriously, you’re telling the truth this time.


Of course, in addition to completely abandoning any moral authority to govern this nation, they’ve also taken a dramatic step toward crippling the international banking system. Any bank would have to be crazy to continue working with SWIFT after this debacle; it’s a sure-fire way to lose all of your most profitable clients — those with the means and intelligence to know exactly what this means. “Come, deposit your millions with us! And we’ll promptly turn over all of your records to the U.S. government!”

And you’ve gotta love spokeswoman Dana Perino’s typical-thug response; “Sure, we’re a bunch of organized criminals who got caught, but the real issue is that you dared to tell people about our illegal activities.” Yeah, god forbid the American people actually know that they’re continuing to hold the most powerful mob family in history completely unaccountable.

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