Coolness Abounds

Pam directed me to another bit of amazing coolness this morning: A Lego recreation of Apple’s classic 1984 commercial.

As she noted, she felt safe forwarding it to me, as even though it sells for nearly $200, it’s sold out. (Of course, they do have a mailing list where they’ll tell you when they’re back in stock...)

Of course, she might be a little less than pleased to learn that I just bought my first Christmas decoration of the year. Hey, it was on clearance for only five bucks — how on Earth could I pass up a holiday commemmoration of the best Christmas movie ever?

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At 2:40 AM, Daniel said...

You are possessed. Absolutely possessed. You do NOT need "Die Hard" ornaments for the tree. I do not care how modern and suburban you might be. You need nice normal glass balls and happy Santas for your tree. You have CHILDREN. You need to teach them to bake Moravian Christmas cookies and make little tiny gingerbread versions of your church, and....

Wait. You'll never do this. I'm taking over your daughters' upbringing for Christmas; you'll never get it.

At 9:47 AM, Bill Coughlan said...

Hmm... that's a good idea. Maybe I will teach them to make little gingerbread versions of my church. And then we can have all the little saints climbing on it...


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