When In Doubt, Go With the Virgin Sacrifice

Okay, so it looks like they’re finally looking to go over the top with the whole lonelygirl15 story: They’re preparing her for virgin sacrifice. (What the hell, it’s not like I’m talking politics anymore, so I might as well waste my time on this crap, right?)

I have a new theory as to the purpose behind this whole thing. They’re trying to see how far they can go before everyone screams, “You’re full of shit!” So once it’s all over, the filmmakers can sit back and laugh their asses off at how idiotically gullible people can be. I know I’m laughing already.

Given that path, now I’m really curious to see where they’ll go next. Is Bree going to escape the vile clutches of the Thelemist fanatics? Are they then going to unleash their armies of undead to recapture her? Is Daniel going to run in machine guns blazing and holy water at the ready? Is all of it going to be conveniently captured by a home video camera (and posted for all to see)?

I’ve beeen taking a look at some of the other YouTube vlogs that purport to debunk the whole thing... or at least I’ve tried to. Damn, but these things are absolutely unwatchable. Bree looks like Orson fucking Welles compared to this shit. But one thing they have driven home is absolute proof that Bree’s tale of woe is nothing more than a professionally (or semi-professionally) manufactured hoax.

Bree claims to be new to the whole vlog scene. But compare Bree’s delivery with any other newbie vlogger out there. Not once do Bree’s eyes drift away from her “audience” — i.e., the camera. See, the problem with vlogging (or videoconferencing, video phones, or any other comparable home-video medium) is that the camera is not positioned in the exact same position as the monitor. Invariably, for anyone not schooled in performing for a camera, the speaker’s eyes will repeatedly drift to focus on the monitor image and away from the camera. Bree is no amateur — either she has extensive camera acting experience, or she’s being very carefully directed.

There are probably other developments in this little drama that I’m not bothering to report. For now, though, it looks like the Wikipedia entry is back and here to stay. So feel free to pop over and investigate for yourself.

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