Technical Difficulties

Well, it looks like the site’s been down since the 16th. So five days now. Still no word from Blogger.

I can post entries, which technically indicates that the problem’s not with the underlying Blogger software, but with the Blog*Spot hosting (I’ve got a legacy Blog*Spot Plus account, which is why I can just use the “billcoughlan.com” domain name and avoid the usual advertising headers.)

I may end up moving to a new host, but since I’m not posting so much nowadays I have to wonder if it’s worth it. Still, since none of you will be reading this unless the problem gets fixed, if Blogger doesn’t step up, I’ll either have to take that step or live with the fact that I’m just talking to myself.

Which really, given my audience size, I’m pretty much doing anyway. So it’s not all that difficult an admission.

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