Meme Time: Five Interesting Things About Me

Okay, so I haven’t done the whole “meme” thing in a while now, but since this one comes straight from MotherReader, I suppose I’d better actually do it this time. After all, not only does she know where I live, but she did produce a kick-ass movie for me.

So here goes (with the caveat that not all of these might be considered particularly “interesting”):

  1. My left foot is bigger than my right foot.
    Not quite a full size bigger, but just enough so that buying shoes is a real pain in the ass. Or the foot, as the case may be.

  2. I talk to myself. A lot.
    Mostly just venting, but at times I’ll carry on one half of an extended hypothetical conversation. I chalk it up to a side effect of an overactive imagination. Or psychosis in development.

  3. I have one seriously screwed-up memory.
    I can remember all sorts of obscure facts and nonsensical information, but I’ll forget someone’s name 30 seconds after we’ve been introduced. And my entire life experience before a couple of years ago is just a blurry jumble of vague impressions. Reunions are hell.

  4. I still collect comic books.
    I don’t mean read — hell, I don’t see anything wrong with that — but I obsessively store the damn things in boxes indefinitely. Despite the fact that the entire comic reselling market has pretty much permanently tanked. And I’ve been going to the same comics shop for more than 20 years now, despite the fact that it’s changed owners and locations three times.

  5. I love some really crappy movies.
    As much as I try to play the film snob, I still enjoy Moonraker (my first Bond film), and think Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is absolutely inspired. And Strange Brew is a classic.
Now I guess I’m supposed to “tag” some other folks, but I think for now I’ll leave it up to you individually as to whether or not you want to participate (especially since a couple of folks I’d tag aren’t exactly running “public” blogs). So if you want in, consider yourself appropriately tagged.



At 4:16 PM, Kori said...

I'm in, as soon as I have time. Oh, and if you are so inclined, you can add my blog address to your links. I've stopped trying to be anonymous except to friends. :)


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