Fantasy and Reality

Okay, so this is old news, but I happened across it in Parade magazine this weekend (yes, I occasionally read the “magazine for old people” packaged in with my Sunday Post). Some lunatic mom in Georgia (why is it always Georgia?) is trying to have the Harry Potter books banned from her local school system.

It’s not the fact that there are mouth-breathers like this out there that I found amusing, though. It’s the way the Parade article phrased it: Ban proponents are afraid that children won’t be able to distinguish fantasy from reality, and — get this — “will try casting spells on classmates.”

Um, what? Lady, it ain’t the children that can’t distinguish fantasy from reality, it’s you. The only way children “casting spells” would be of the slightest concern would be if spells actually worked. And apparently, this room-temperature-IQ wacko thinks they do.

I actually laughed out loud (well, more of a slight chuckle, but you get the idea), and had to share that one.

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