Busy, Busy, Busy

If I start posting a little sporadically over the next couple of weeks, please rest assured that I’ve not abandoned my little writing exercise. I’m just more than a little swamped at the office. What started out as two videos for upcoming meetings has now blossomed into four. Plus a video for the upcoming firmwide meeting. Plus a short video promoting the Make-a-Wish Foundation’s upcoming Washington Invitation Scavenger Hunt (the content for which I shot with Hillary Tisdale at last year’s event, but have never had a chance to edit together). Plus two speech videos I still have to finish editing, and another one that’s basically finished, but I still have to dump out to tape for duplication. Plus a party video I have to master onto DVD, and an (internal) meeting video that has to go onto VHS. And I think I just committed to yet another (hopefully short) video for the marketing department. I do have help with all of this, but just the management of it all is daunting.

I know that part of the point of this little ’blog was to keep my sanity, so I’ll try to keep going in between frantic bursts of stress-filled activity. But no promises; I’ll be back in full swing when I can finally come up for a little air.


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