It All Gets Back to the “War on Terrorism”

If this morning’s radio reports are accurate, it looks like the TSA workers are unionizing. They’d been dancing around joining the American Federation of Government Employees for some time now, and it looks like they’re finally in for good.

Of course, what makes it a newsworthy story is the fecaloid argument put forth by TSA Chief James M. Loy back in January: “...mandatory collective bargaining is not compatible with the flexibility required to wage the war against terrorism.” It’s the same argument made against the rights of government employees back when the Homeland Security department was being fleshed out. In other words, as good Republicans, we want to do whatever we can to prevent workers from having any rights whatsoever, and we’re not above invoking the “war on terrorism” to scare people into submission.

Looks like we’re got to add another one to the exploitative malefactors column.


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