It’s Always Something

Today’s shoot went well (though we’re alarmingly short of B-roll footage), and we had another wonderful dinner afterward. And even though we’ve got our wonderful (if borrowed) wireless mic system, we can’t use it — we’re interviewing people on a hospital floor. No cell phones, no wi-fi computers... and no wireless microphone transmitters, that’s for damn sure.

I also realized that this is the first (distant) shoot where we didn’t rent a car. Why would we, since we’re staying right across the street from the hospital (not to mention the exterior location for ER, though we’ve not yet been able to pick it out)? Well, a car would sure come in handy when it comes time to ship the equipment back, now, wouldn’t it? The nearest FedEx location is about a mile away — just far enough that we can’t lug the equipment there, but not so far that a cab ride isn’t oh-so-slightly insulting.

In any case, tomorrow will be our last day here, and then it’s back home. Right now, I just want to get some sleep.


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