An Oh-So-Brief Respite

I’m back in town briefly before jetting off to Chicago for the next case-study video. The Orlando trip went really well — after staying at the Ritz-Carlton, I’m thinking of adding an addendum to my Fray Day story. Now, not only am I spoiled on air travel, but I’m feeling the same about hotel accommodations as well. At the very least, I have got to get me one of those Turkish-cotton robes...

No major news to comment on, or at least nothing I feel like mentioning. I was going to say something about the recent rocket attack on the al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad, but given the casualties mounting up after the recent series of attacks, I don’t feel like making light of it anymore. I will say, however, that the comparative lack of outrage over the Bush regime’s edict barring media coverage of the returning coffins of slain soldiers is disgusting — let’s see, public opinion isn’t going so much in favor of the war, let’s make sure the people can’t see the consequences of what we’re doing. If ever there were evidence that the major media were in the administration’s back pocket, their conspicuous silence in this case — even the Post’s story was buried on page A23 — is it.


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