A Public Service Message

AppleMy readership is still limited enough that I’m able to occasionally track how people are arriving at Prometheus Unleashed, including checking out some of the most common search strings that lead people here. Searching for the word “Prometheus” is one biggie, for example. But another I keep seeing a lot is folks looking for Rob Dougan’s song “I’m Not Driving Anymore,” which I made mention of a while back. Naturally, the words “mp3” and “download” often feature prominently as well. So with that in mind, I’m going to make this public service announcement, directed to those trying to find that elusive track.

Hello, searcher! I understand you’re trying to track down a particular piece of music. Welcome! I hope you stick around for a while. If you’ve done your homework, you probably realize that a version of “I’m Not Driving Anymore” does appear on Rob Dougan’s album Furious Angels. But as you may have discovered, it’s not the instrumental version prominently featured in the Matrix Reloaded trailers. Nor does the track appear on that movie’s soundtrack album. The version you’re looking for was released, but as a single. And as we all know, CD singles are often hard to come by. So I’ve got a bit of advice: Go download the newly released iTunes for Windows (I figure most Mac folks already have it, and my readership has recently tipped over to favor the PC side), then check out the iTunes Music Store. Do a quick search for “Rob Dougan” and there you’ll have it.

Trust me, the 99¢ you’ll pay for the song is worth it in just the time you’d spend trying to find it as an mp3 file. Well, and it’s legal.

P.S.: If you’re interested in the whole Furious Angels album (which I do recommend), you may or may not want to get it at the iTunes Music Store. If you buy the physical album, there’s a second disc with instrumental versions of several tracks (there’s also a limited edition version with a 30-page photos/lyrics booklet); that second disc also includes the instrumental version of “I’m Not Driving Anymore.” However, given the search that brought you here in the first place, I’d suspect you’re not interested in the whole album — and if you’re just interested in the main (i.e., vocal) disc, it’s just $9.99 via iTunes (and individual songs — all available — are still just 99¢ each).


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