Monday Morning Giggles

Fuck Microsoft!Looks like Microsoft is in serious sour grapes mode. Windows Digital Media manager Dave Fester’s claiming that the iTunes Music Store just won’t work for Windows users. You can read his comments here, and it’s great for a laugh; just what I needed to kick off an otherwise hectic Monday morning. The guy’s basically trying to shill for the totally inept Windows Media system, and making a slew of completely false statements about iTunes in order to do it. A difference of opinion’s one thing, but distorting the facts is another altogether.

You know they’re running scared when they start lying about you to try and stay afloat. Buh-bye!

Update: In just the first three days since iTunes for Windows launched, downloads have topped a million copies, and songs purchased have also passed the one million mark. By comparison, when the iTunes Music store first launched for Mac users, it took a week to hit that mark.


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