Time to Head Into the Fray

Fray Day 7 DCWell, I’m off to Fray Day 7 DC. In addition to performing, I’ve arranged for a three-camera videotaping of the event (which Adam’ll be supervising); thankfully, I think Geoff’s going to handle editing duties — which means it might actually get done. I don’t know what we’ll end up with — most likely a highlights CD and some downloadable video — but we figure it’s worth recording just for us, if nothing else.

I hope to see as many of you there as possible. I think I’ve got the story pretty well down (after having listened to a recording I made for my iPod a dozen times), but it wouldn’t hurt to have a few friendly faces in the audience. Wish me luck! (And while you’re waiting, check out my suspiciously Republican-looking mug shot on the event promo site. Scary.)

Hey, I just noticed something — this is my fourth blog entry today: a new record. And seeing as how Common Grounds has wi-fi access, I may even get in a fifth. No promises, though; I’ll be a little busy.


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