Whine, Whine, Whine

According to an NPR news report this morning, recall supporters are whining about the 28-day time frame (which, according to a Post story, will be required in full) allowed under California law to certify an election and inaugurate a new governor. That doesn’t allow sufficient time — they claim — for the newly elected governor — they assume — to put together a state budget before January’s deadline. More significantly, they say it’s too long to remain under a Davis governorship, that it gives him enough time to do all sorts of things to mess up the state before he’s ousted.

Hello, you complete and utter morons. How is that different from any other election? Every regular election, be it presidential, gubernatorial, mayoral, what have you, has a lag time between the election and the inauguration of those elected. And in this case, even allowing for the certification time, it’ll be less of a lag than in a normal California election. What the hell are you bitching about?

And you want to solve the budget deadline problem? Start writing your budget now. Or push to have the inauguration after January, leaving it to Gray Davis to come up with it. But either way, quit your whining.

Makes me kind of glad that the Schwarzenegger recall petition is already in the works.


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