You Know, Dick, There Comes a Time When You Have to Face Reality

The Post’s running a story this morning entitled “Cheney Gets Offensive Over Iraq.” Oops, my mistake, I guess it’s actually entitled “Cheney Goes on Offensive About Iraq,” but the net result’s the same. I know, part of the guy’s job is to cover his boss’s complete incompetence over the Iraq war (an incompetence gleefully exploited by Cheney and his cohorts when it suited them), but come on, Dick! Everybody knows you were lying now. Your (nominal) boss has managed to maintain at least a semblance of “plausible deniability” (although I can’t say it was all that plausible), but you... You came right out and spun the biggest whoppers we’d ever heard in this whole affair. Remember, I called you on it at the time.

And yet, tricky Dick is still spouting lies in his feeble attempts to cover this regime’s flagrantly unethical behavior. The actions leading up to the invasion all failed? Um, not according to Kay’s report, which stated that those sanctions effectively crippled Hussein’s ability to produce the now-infamous “weapons of mass destruction.” A number of Kay’s findings demonstrate material breaches of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1441? Um, actually, no, that’s not what the report says — a slew of those allegedly airtight violations remain wholly unconfirmed.

And, of course, the topper: “Historians will look back on our time and pay tribute to our 43rd president.” Not as long as I draw breath, they won’t. Dick.


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