All Right, Folks, Here Goes Nothing

Fray Day 7 DCThe whole editing thing’s still going to take quite a while, but I figured I could at least get some audio cut together and posted.

Namely, mine.

Hey, that’s the advantage to having the source tapes — I get priority. Now, this is just a low-quality MP3 file, but it’s my complete story, which I’ve entitled “Flight Ceiling.” Of course, that title’s liable to change, but it’s all I could think of on short notice. I know those of you who attended the event are probably anxiously waiting for the whole evening to become available, so this’ll probably be more of interest to those of you who didn’t make it, but we’ll see.

So download any enjoy (it’s about 3.1 meg total). Oh, and a word of warning: I’m probably not gonna keep it up here forever, so don’t put it off — listen now.

And don’t leave me hanging — tell me what you think, all right? I’ve got a really fragile ego here .


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