Do Not Adjust Your Set

I’m still here — I just don’t have time to say much of anything. I know, I know, I should say something about this whole Saddam capture thing, but I’m absolutely swamped at the office right now. I barely slept at all this weekend, and the rest of the week ain’t looking too good either.

Okay, one thought. I don’t know why folks are lamenting the capture of a brutal dictator. No, the war wasn’t even remotely justified, but this particular event is probably a net positive. Nor do I see this as being any great benefit to Duh-bya, at least not in the long run. Sure, our troops caught Saddam (note that I’m careful to avoid any implication that little George caught Saddam — his goons may be quick to make that comment, but he didn’t catch shit). In the end, monkey-boy’s still just as big a scumbag as he was last week. Capturing Saddam doesn’t change a goddamn thing. He still ordered hundreds of Americans to their deaths over a lie.

In a year’s time, when we’re still stuck in the Iraqi quagmire, let’s see if anyone gives a damn about the capture of a guy who wasn’t a threat to us in the first place.


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