Get Over There and Vote, Folks!

Okay, now, Blog Madness has begun, and at the moment, I’m way behind. Come on, folks, I don’t want to get knocked out in the first round, now.

No, it’s not a popularity contest, and I know it’s not my best work, but I’m up against a recycled Saturday Night Live gag.* So, please, everybody, go, read, and vote! (And if you’d like to leave comments along with your vote, it certainly couldn’t hurt — not that it’ll affect the judging, but any writer enjoys constructive criticism.)

P.S.: Show Tom and Tiffany a little love while you’re at it. Tom’s entry’s so much better than the right-wing rant† he’s up against, and Tiffany’s displays personal insight as opposed to being a quickly jotted down life note.

* As was pointed out to me in the comments, I’m not exactly being the most sportsmanlike fellow here. What can I say? “Blog Madness” fever got the better of me. My penchant for hyperbole sometimes goes overboard, and in a semi-anonymous venue such as this, I often speak (or write) without editorial restraint. My attempt to make light of some legitimate criticisms with my “opposition” — namely, that the entry’s topic has been done before, and overdoes the gag — by comparing it to “The Ladies’ Man” or “The Continental” is exaggeration. The entry is well written and, taken on its own, funny. Not my cup of tea, but certainly not sinking to the abysmal level of an SNL sketch. I’m sorry for not making that clearer, and for making way too much out of an ultimately trivial event.
† Okay, that’s not really fair — Tom’s opponent makes a perfectly valid point; it just doesn’t offer up anything more than the usual conservative “We hate the Dixie Chicks” line. I’d be more forgiving if it had provided anything original, but it’s not really a “rant”; I’m exaggerating just a tad. But vote for Tom anyway.


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