Reminiscing With a Purpose

Sorry for the recent lack of meaningful communication, but between a nasty head cold and preparations for another California video shoot next week, I’ve been too busy to write anything. I have managed to submit an entry to Blog Madness, though whether it’s my best work from last year is certainly open to debate.

I started out by eliminating anything that was too politically inflammatory — which pretty much knocks out my more entertaining stuff. Still, I figured I didn’t want to automatically take myself out of the running should a Bushie judge my work (of course, there were a few entries I just couldn’t resist at least considering). I also didn’t want to enter anything that was either too short, too dependent on outside reference, or too only-meaningful-if-you-know-me. Given those constraints, I narrowed it down to a working “top twenty” list (which I write out in case you’d like to join me in my stroll down memory lane):
  1. Yet Another Reason to Hate Wal-Mart (1.6)
  2. Director’s Sales Manager’s Cut (1.9)
  3. Bring On the Bad Guys (1.20)
  4. Camera Con (1.23)
  5. If I’ve Told You Once, I’ve Told You 23 Times... (1.31)
  6. Shuttle Memories (2.5)
  7. Franchise Fascination (2.10)
  8. How I Fought “Customer Service” and Won (2.24)
  9. High-Wire Act (3.4)
  10. The Movie From Hell (3.31)
  11. It-Ain’t-Cool Anymore (4.8)
  12. The 2003 Jefferson Muzzle Awards (4.18)
  13. Republicanism Versus Fascism: A Simple Test (5.23)
  14. Give the People What They Want... or Maybe Not (7.23)
  15. Divorcing the Religious and the Secular Concepts of Marriage (8.1)
  16. The iTunes Music Store and the Prematurely Predicted Demise of Album Rock (8.11)
  17. Passing Judgment on Our Society (8.27)
  18. Time to Get Back to the Trivial (9.4)
  19. You Say You Want a Revolution (9.10)
  20. Stemming the Rampant Dissemination of Information (10.1)
Yeah, I know, I should have narrowed it down further before trying to consider them all, but what’s done is done. And the winner is... Passing Judgment on Our Society.” More through semi-random selection than through thoughtful consideration, but there you have it. Think I should have chosen something else? Not that I can do anything about it now, but do let me know, just for kicks.

So here’s my charge to you: Head over to Blog Madness, and join in the reading (it should be starting up soon, if it’s not already). I’m in the “Bills” bracket — and I sure could use all the help I can get. I’ve looked at the competition, and it could go either way.

And since I probably shouldn’t let you go without making at least some sort of jab at Duh-bya (after all, that’s why most of you stop by), I’ll just give you the following:

“...weapons-of-mass-destruction-related program activities.”

Sometimes these things just stand by themselves.

P.S.: Both Tom and Tiffany have worthy entries in the competition as well; treat them nicely. I tried to talk Dan into joining in, but alas, time constraints prohibited it.


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