And Justice for All Some...

Supreme CourtStill have any doubt that the Supreme Court is firmly in the Bush regime’s back pocket? Well, the fact that they just ruled that Dickless Cheney can keep secret all the evidence that Enron wrote our energy policy should lay any such foolish idealism to rest. This ruling comes despite the fact that existing precedent — namely the furor over the Clinton health care reform discussions — required all such meetings (in which nongovernment folks participated) must be open to public scrutiny. Hmm, can anyone say “double standard”? (At least the Post has the sense to call them on it.) Well, we can rest assured that Antonin Scalia was able to remain completely objective...

On the personal front, I’m just back from a video shoot in sunny Paterson, New Jersey — which just goes to show that not all travel is particularly glamorous. Still, it’s done — but my lack of ’net access prevented me from calling attention to one bit of news I managed to glean.

I outscored Duh-bya on the SAT test (significantly so at that). Shocker.


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