Surprise... Big Day Today

Well, whaddaya know? Looks like Duh-bya decided to hand over “sovereignty” a couple of days early. Actually a smart move when you consider that the insurgents were most likely targeting Wednesday for any number of disruptive actions. Credit where credit is due (though I’ve gotta wonder just whose idea it was).

Of course, I can’t imagine it was all that tough a decision, seeing as how it was strictly a symbolic gesture. “Okay, you’re ‘sovereign,’ but you can’t actually make any long-term decisions. Or have any control over international financing arrangements. Or prosecute any of our troops or contractors for torturing your citizens. And your armies will still answer to us, unless they go through the process of opting out. And really, to be honest, we’ll step in if you start doing things we don’t like. But other than that — or anything else we happen to think of later on — you’re totally ‘sovereign.’ Knock yourself out.”


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