Every Little Lie

Now the Duh-bya campaign is doctoring images for their campaign ads (you can see the images for yourself here). Their defense is pretty much just, “Well, it’s insignificant, so it doesn’t matter.” I just find it amusing that even when they don’t have to, they just can’t resist lying.

Like when they claim they believe the missing munitions were gone before the troops got there. Whoops! Now we’ve got videotaped evidence that yep, the troops were there, all right, and saw the explosives in question. How are you going to talk your way out of this one, Georgie?

Well, the Bush regime’s got a fall-back argument: “You know, 377 tons is really insignificant compared to the 250,000 tons missing across Iraq.” Excuse me? How on Earth is that supposed to make you look better? “Hey, don’t focus on just that little bit of explosives we lost — hell, we lost a lot more than that!”

If my car could fit a license plate frame (alas, it can’t), I’d be buying this one in a heartbeat.


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